Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Critique- skype time!

On April 4th, I had my critique with my lovely crit group!  My questions to the group were mainly geared towards the future of the project and the recent Rooted in RED paintings that are being exhibited right now.   My biggest feedback was the process and resources to making Rooted in RED a non-profit.  Deb had a lot of suggestions in regards to Board of Directors, funding, specifically youth funding.  She also asked a very good question, how do you see others involved?  It made me realize that I needed to address this project like no one knows about it!  Because no one does! ha!  But, I assume that this knowledge that I have gained over the past two years is evident and its not yet, I need to have a clear concise way to involve community members of all ages.  Robyn also agreed about Board of Directors and her big question is what is your mission statement?  Another question that I need to hone down to a simple, concise articulated message.  Robyn also in an additional skype conversation talked about labeling my paintings differently when I list materials.   I totally agreed and will start revisions!  We also talked about inert pigment and how that may help with the temperature change for my MFA installation in Berlin from CO to Berlin.  She shared words of wisdom about shipping there and checking it as baggage and additional ways to transport it.  Omayra ended with a great quote, Leap before you think!  I loved it, and she nailed it when she said be honest with yourself  GO DEEP! Also, that things will evolve and shift through out the life of my project but the core of the project will always need to remain the same.  Stephanie referred a book the Spell of Sensuous by David Abrams.  She also commented on how the  more organic paintings spoke to her more than the geometric paintings.
Overall, it was amazing and always encouraging to have such an amazing support system for a project.  That was a concern of mine,  that once TI is over, will I lose this amazing support, and these amazing ladies assured me that they are always there!  Thank you ladies, for your time, support and immense energy to give such amazing feedback.

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