Saturday, July 23, 2016

Berlin 2016 reading diaries


Why chance?  Why now? Why decide to make a decision?
Using chance as an artist keeps the ability for something extremely unique of the moment.  As an artist that relies on chance. We must appreciate and understand that you are the catalyst for creation, not the creator. I understand the artists given in our readings using chance to enhance the possibilities, but is it chance?  Don't we still make decisions to have something created by chance.  If we don't make the decision is it then intuition?  Looking forward to discussions in enlightening the word chance versus the action of chance.

Jean Marie Casbarian

The walk. The step in front of another and the purpose. How does intent play a roll in the action of  walking?  And does it have to?  Such a humble action that creates more than we know.  In using the action in performance or in the meditative qualities, the natural ability to want to move or not move is a conscious decision to verify.  I am reminded of Mariana Roche walk to all the people that died that week and recording them.  This stuck in my head for two years because it was the determination and ambition to walk their steps.  Her need to experience a part of them was overwhelming that she had to literally move.  Keep things alive.

Lynn Book

Well. I am already overwhelmed. A lot of context that I am not familiar with and vocabulary that isn't my norm. But with the good old dictionary and some more research I have found that the ability to map and somewhat contain our thoughts let alone our physical beings and understand for the next to come is super fascinating.  I immediately thought of time capsules for some reason and having the Code to unveil the contents.  But is it necessary?  Do we feel like we are obligated to identify that way or is this the new norm. Can't wait to learn more and discuss what and where we plot.

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