Tuesday, March 15, 2016

advisors meeting with Andrew!

A short but sweet skype meeting this morning with Andrew.  As the paper is due today, most of my time has been devoted to putting that together.  I have been writing in my studio which I expressed to Andrew.  I have been working on hanging system for installation in Berlin.  That will get sorted out when I have the logistics of  our one day show.  We did discuss how I was going to hang it and Andrew suggested using woven cable and crimping the cable.  Great idea, for quick, inexpensive solution to be able to blend into the ceiling and not be viewed during installation.  We also talked about how using the dowels I will have to use a parchment or wax paper to roll up the panels so they will not stick to one another.   I have been messing around with constellations and that seems to be the direction I will take as Ojibwe, relied heavily on the stars to guide.  Overall, a nice jolt of Transart in the arm, so to say.  Always enjoy chatting with Andrew!

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