Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Advisors meeting with Herman

Herman and I had a wonderful skype session on Monday morning.  We talked about the format of the paper, and how I have decided to break it down into 5 chapters. Herman suggested to incorporate my 5 chapter into the conclusion to elude to continuation of the project.  We also discussed my references and the depth of the resources that I have and intend to use.  Herman also said that I did not need to bring to much depth to the symbol of the triangle, but to keep the depth into my symbol and the personal experience that I evoke and go with the passion that I have for the project.  Herman also reassured me of the confidence and "owning" the project is apparent in the research and depth of the outline and bibliography.   I also had some questions on length and how the rough draft will be longer and editing will the name of the game.  Overall, I felt that our meeting was exciting and inspiring to continue with my paper and the project post-transart.

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