Monday, February 15, 2016


I came home from NYC running and ready to get the Miskwanagekozi project.  I went directly to the studio to figure out logistics.  I have set a budget and a rough guideline for my paper.  I have placed an order for polymer medium to start sheets and found that duralar works better in peeling the acrylic sheets.  I have also created a mini paper model to see how the weaving will take shape amongst the nine panels.  With figuring this out, I was fortunate enough to receive the rest of reading list for this project as birthday presents, which was awesome.  I just finished the Paul Klee essays, which was just the grounding I needed.  Thank you Andrew, for the suggestion.   Along side of the Miskwanagekozi project, I have a exhibition right now titled, Eyes Closed: mind mapping collages.  I sneak peak into the way my brain works for ideas paintings and how I tend to organize particulars intuitively with these collages.  It is showing till March 1st, then it moves into a installation setting.  I have done a lot of reflection on the past year and a half and have viewed all the work that I have done while in Transart.  Listening to the story that they tell, my story, my experience with this pigment.  With that amazing feeling, I have a parallel which is pressure.  Pressure to work non stop to pay tuition off by today and trying to find an other job that pays better. It has been a transitional 30 days of chaos.  I do have another Rooted in RED workshop scheduled for the end of the month which will include an additional two hours of activities.   I also have applied for two permits in which the Rooted in RED symbol will finally make its debut in Denver as a solo symbol!  Super exciting!
Working on my outline, intro and bibliography, I have found myself articulating the project simpler and more raw.  The one thing I took away from the residency in NYC,( besides we all have amazing dance moves.) is to OWN IT!   To be the art, I didn't not realize how much I was distancing myself from this.  That has changed, my confidence and passion to build this project into something from the true depths of my being.  It is amazing how much easier, things are when you do not hold any limitations for yourself.   

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