Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Advisors Meeting with Andrew

My advisors meeting with Andrew, was specifically about my MFA show in Berlin and final piece for the project.  I have been working with raw pigment in a acrylic skin form and weaving the pieces together.  The idea is to form a rooted in red symbol suspended from the ceiling out of these weavings.  Andrew had a ton of wonderful insight about installation and references.  Richard Sera's pieces to look into and possibly see in New York when I arrive.  Also Wolfgang Laub, Eva Hesse and Rauschenberg.  We discussed the carrier for the pigment, acrylic gel medium versus glue.  Test will be done soon!  Also we agreed that I should attempt a trial run of the weaving project to install for New York residency, which will really allow some growth, which is needed.  We also talked about leaving them as sheets of weaving or creating a 3D shape and create the symbol in 3D.  We also talked about the ground and if and/or what should e there, more pigment?  YES!    We didn't wear red this time, but we were both in shades of black!   Andrew was showing me the Raushenberg Pajamas Venetian.  We had an awesome chat and was so motivated, I worked hours afterwards on creating a small diagram....needs some work:)

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