Sunday, April 17, 2016

APRIL Advisors Update- Andrew AND Herman!

Andrew and I had a Skype meeting on April 14th.  We talked about my previous conversation with Robyn and her advice with integrating an inert pigment into the pigment sheets.  Andrew brought up taking cheese cloth and submersing it in red ochre pigment to give it more stability.    We also talked about traveling with the acrylic sheets and how to bring them into Germany the most cost effective.  I had Andrew look at the paintings that I have on exhibition here in Denver.  His first comment was that he  enjoyed the green stripe that was behind the paintings.  He suggested incorporating painting on the wall and canvas into one piece.  I totally agreed with this suggestion, extending the pigment directly onto the wall.  He also said I need better quality pictures.  He suggested the movie Basquait, which I intend to watch with a glass of wine as soon as my paper is handed in:)  He also brought up coming up with a strategy for ruining paintings.  We also had great conversation about tapestry workshops and Goldins workshop in Paris.  All wonderful things!   Andrew has been a great addition to my experience at Transart and I have valued all of wonderful suggestions and comments!

Herman and I had a Skype meeting on April 15th. I had sent Herman a revised copy with his editing comments to him before and we discussed that the paper was on the right path and that I just need to finish.  I had questioned the validity of references and if I needed to directly cite them or if some could be used as just a general knowledge base.  Herman assured me that my sources were ok, and needed to have more support than less.     I had issues with my conclusion and we discussed that I am looking at it as the finale versus tying up loose ends.  Overall, it was a quick regrouping before finishing the paper.  I have two different people editing the paper and will then I will have Herman look at it and then it'll be done!   He is so supportive in me, my writing and my passion, it has been awesome in having Herman be a part of my artist tribe!

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