Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Advisors meeting with Dianne -December

My meeting this month was a big one!  After moving every week, I am finally settling into Denver and settling into a new studio space:)  Dianne and I discussed, the different mediums and how their effects to the viewer.  Each of the pigments I create have a different sensation, creating awareness with that.   We talked about going back to the color theory of Albers to bring that thought process to the palette of red I have been using.  Dianne suggested color aid paper.  Also, to look into the impressionist for the light and also DeKooning for natural light.  Work with digital paintings maybe? Also she gave great references.  Betty Saar, Alison Saar, Barbara Chase, and John Cage.    Also we discussed the video and how maybe using different providers such as vimeo versus using my ifilm on my computer.  
Overall it was a great conversation, close to 2 hours!!!!  Feel motivated for NYC and will try and meet up with Dianne when I get there.  :)

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