Monday, February 16, 2015

advisors meeting- Dianne- February

We discussed the concept of going big, and what they means. Deeper not bigger is what Dianne would like to see, I can agree with that.  Also, I am being too safe. I need to push my boundaries! Which I also agree with!  My studio practice is my safety zone in my other chaotic life, but settling nicely and feel like risk can now be taken!  Dianne suggested one ream of paper, a continuum, more freedom and less containment.  Not having a canvas to fill but to have so much that needs to be let out continuously.  Letting go of the control of a nice, neat pre stretched canvas etc.  We also talked about viewer ownership vs. my voice.  That I do not need to spell out everything for the viewer that I can be confident in not divulging too much.  I believe that my natural controlling state needs to be tweaked to allow things to flow better, not question everything.  Going to buy a ream of paper tomorrow:)

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