Monday, November 16, 2015

Advisors meeting with Andrew!

We both wore red again!!!!  It just seems appropriate:)
I have been having issues specifically with two paintings, painting in more of an advertising/ marketing way.  Not really allowing what I do naturally to surface, but hiding it under geometric coloring shapes.  I talked to Andrew about these paintings and our conversation was extremely helpful!  Addressing just putting these paintings aside and allowing them to show their own path in their own time.  We also talked about 'messing it up' and then having to deal with the consequence, building the painting from those results.  The two paintings were having issues with space we finally decided.  There is no depth.

We discussed the work of Joyce Kozloff, with her pattern and decoration style work in relation to using my symbol in my work as the subject.  Mark Rothko came up a bunch as well when we discussed how size does matter!  Having a painting overwhelm and take over your space is what Rothko accomplishes with his soft edges of radiating color.  It would not emanate as much if it were only 2'x2'.   Andrew sent multiple links to Rothko work including the play "RED" which I can not wait to find more footage of, and a link to Kozloffs stuff as well.

I got off skype with Andrew definitely not feeling defeated anymore!  Thanks Coach!

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