Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Conference advisors meeting

Excited to work with these two!  We had a superb conversation regarding Rooted in RED project.   I received a ton of references which include;
Ralph Mayer- artists materials book
Navajo sand paintings-performative aspect
Harold Rosenberg- action performative painting
Hans Naymeth-Ottawa gallery
Jackson Pollock- psycho analytic drawings
Steed Taylor- road tattoos
We discussed the three aspects of the project as Herman brought to my attention.  Technical, the actual pigment of red ochre and the actual pictographs.  Anthropoligical - symbol meaning and Participation/sharing- universality versus the personal of symbol.  We also brought to the table the over-arching theme of past/present.   Herman wants to see more history of the muzzibinakon.  Which I agree and so did Andrew.  Andrew and I discussed more of what to do during the winter months.  Pigment in the snow!  Using the pigment dry as the medium.    We also discussed how I see the community aspect of the project coming together, which I am finding out to be a slower process than I thought.  But discussed, how I see this project just beginning, and I want to spend quality time making sure the foundation is strong.

Overall a great start to the year!  Looking forward to more conversation!

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