Friday, March 13, 2015

Advisors meeting-March-Dianne

During out last meeting, Dianne and I talked about starting a continuous painting on a ream of paper.  I started that project so a lot of our discussion was based around what that has turned into.  She questioned my usage of the square, my response was the stability of it, and she questioned why and how that balances me.  With the poured component of the piece juxtaposed with the squares, there is another form of containment happening.  She asked me to investigate that further.  We also talked through the fact that I go back and forth between organic vs. linear, there is a conflict, a push, that I need to also look further into.  The collages that I have been working on is the mindset and creative voice that I need to find in my painting.  The minimalist approach is executed nicely in the collages, the creative mindset is minimalist, yet when I paint I over think and over control.  Painting too much from my head and not my soul.  With that being said, letting go of the line and the control with the line, need to push through that comfort zone.  As Dianne and I talked, it was a pivotal discussion of the ME in the painting, how I show up in it.  These are attributes of me that I needed to surface and deal with.  Dianne made an amazing point of of using the "safety net" too much and needing to finally let go of my blankey:)  GREAT TALK!  GO TEAM!

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