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Berlin 2015- reading responses

Encountering Subjectivity
Elena Marchevska

testimony, memory, joy, faith, belief, artworking, transference, trauma, connectivity

It seems that the basis of creativity comes to those who create between one emotion and another.  The vulnurability of these ‘tweener’ moments fuel the psyche and emotional cup.  Not only for the artist to create the work, but for the viewer in which will receive the work.  In the world of art, it seems that we need to leave it altogether and find our ‘tweener’ that can resonate the truth in which we are trying to convey.  I am encouraged by the space in which these articles created already in which utilizing and understanding how to manipulate the mind and heart to create within all boundaries.

@Uferstudios in Berlin

"Loyal to your impulse to create"
My experience with Elena and her class Encountering Subjectivity was more than I ever thought I needed.  Her insights into Ettinger and the artists she surfaced in that conversation were amazing resources to sight readings.  Our ability to perform the readings in a way were an amazing way to incorporate a dense, at first overwehlming text.  A renewal of vocabulary allowed to format a varied perception.  

Artist as Curator
Merete Rostad

Mondialite should be a synonom for the artist.  That is what we do.  We curate our own ideas into a form that can be identified by the senses.  If that is what we do at the basic level then mondialite seems to be the exact same thing.  We are all the same in which we have an ability to process, organize and interpret all things differently, which in itself allows us to be on a global plane.  I feel as if this conversation between artist and curator is one that should not even be.  I find myself always wondering why people who don’t create try to create something out of our creations.  I feel as if anything it should be about collaboration.  Seeking the ideal to reach as many viewers as possible, but not to drop off your work and be selected out of a thousand people to complete a puzzle for someone else.  I am hoping to become more knowledgable about this relationship within myself and within the artistic community. 

Art v. Life
Michael Bowdidge

Creating a dynamic between the viewer and its site of installation seems to be the key to a contemporary art site/installation.  I am realizing that the future is the key to keeping the art scene alive.  The way that we interact and consume art isn’t about the white walls and what is on them, but the involvement or respectably so, the lack of involvement connects us these days.   Art is not about recollecting the past anymore but being able to see the future or try and understand the possible answers to our contemporary questions.  Curating, installing and being isn’t enough anymore, but we as artists demand more and I feel that is the affect of the viewers response to art right before us.  For my generation the 1990’s were the art that we viewed as contemporary growing up and now I feel as if we are answering the questions in which these artists have asked.  But have we answered them or will we ever?  If we do will that be the end of contemporary art?

Andrew Cook

Understanding exactly what we vision to understand exactly what we write.  The article expands upon the winding path in which to reveal the subject.  Specifically I find myself assuming that the reader can fill in the holes in which I have left.  The point is to find a balance between too many holes in the writing and too much info that they can not form their own opinion.  Barthes, a reading from last year has become a bible for this specific class, and others.  Apparently need to read more from his than this article to assume that I am on the same playing field as everyone else!

Letting Go
Linda Montano

I believe that the death and reincarnation is not of others but our artistic self.  I find myself identifying with certain aspects as I evolve as an artist.  Also in a personal standing of the research and readings death is a new life.  A new beginning.  Whether it be of someone close to you or it be people on the other side of the earth.  I feel as if whether they knew death was apparent or not, they get the opportunity to be along their loved ones and start another life beyond their current one.  I am interested in the title of this class and exactly how this will be implemented.  I have the general idea of letting go of someone, but is it someone?  or is it the idea of death to let go?

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