Thursday, April 16, 2015

Advisors meeting- April- Dianne

I am sure Dianne is thrilled to see progress!  She was very enthusiastic about the 6 new paintings that we discussed.  (See crit update on home page).  As the work is coming through more authentic than anything else I have done yet, there are some things she brought to my attention; still holding on to some tension and control.  Where sometimes the line where two pigments meet is more rigid than other areas.  I believe that is reservations and doubt lingering.  We have chatted a lot about painting from the soul and how and why that is so important.  I really did not understand that until these paintings.  
"While these paintings collectively shows tremendous growth find your balance. "Constructive tension" is necessary to finding our path in life and in our artistic practice. If you allow your inner discourse to overwhelm you there are spaces where you will lose the trust of self and material. "- Dianne
Finally she brought up a point about presentation of images being sent.  Which is a household item that I really need to implement, no one knows what my are intentions are, I need to feel like this information is just as important as the process of creating itself.  

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