Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Red saved my soul:)

It has always seemed that a right of passage for American painters was to travel Europe.  I completely agree, not just because you are immersed daily in the history of painting, but because you find the opportunity to put yourself in place amongst all the other painters of the world.  I have been extremely lucky to travel and see beautiful things, majestic sites of history and to be able to see how I fit in all of this.  Quite a few of you asked during our time in Berlin about my heritage and how I am and am not using this in my work.  Well the time has come where it has.  I find myself in an position that I have been given the insight to see that clearly for the first time.  I have found myself doing things that definitely weren't on my proposal and creating in a way that resonates so deeply with myself I can not even put it into words, yet completely different than any other work I have produced.  My time here, has awakened something that has lied dormant inside of me for my entire life, I am aware of a series of events that put me in this place and you are all a part of that.  I was terrified to set out on this journey because you never know what you will find out about yourself, when you are given the chance to listen whole-heartedly.  I have found thus far through my research of red and my Ojibwe heritage that we are all linked undoubtedly by this color.  That my ancestors spiritually connect with this color and the subject matter, of rocks, that I have become magnetized to, are part of that spirituality.  This journey has turned out to be an incredible start to a more pure art for myself that resonates with every drop of my soul and to connect us through to the color red that runs through our veins.  I can not wait to share this experience in person in NYC and for you to be witness to this transformation that has changed my life forever, it will grow and evolve into something more I am certain. Ciao for now and a big thank you for the support, whether you knew you were giving it or not, for all of this to happen:)

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